Then leaf subsides to leaf.  So Eden sank to grief,  So dawn goes down to day.  Nothing gold can stay.

Hey greasers!
It’s been a while, want some imagines? Preferences? Spin the bottles?
Send in requests

pit-breath said: Can you ship me my name is Lauren :D

I ship you with Two-Bit!

Your Song: Without You - Lana Del Rey

0bsidian-princess said: Ship me please? My names Kelsey.

I ship you with Ponyboy!

Your Song: Out on the Town - fun.

tosad-tocare said: Can you ship me my names cristina (: thanks (:

I ship you with Dally!

Your Song: Trade Mistakes - Panic! at the Disco

you-crucify-me said: Ship me? My name is Destiny.

I ship you with Dally

Your Song: Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus 

do-notgogentle said: Would you mind shipping me? My name is Kaitlyn.

I ship you with Darry!

Your Song: Dear You - Man Overboard

pornyboy said: Can you ship me please, love? :D My name's Carmen.

oh most definetly!

I ship you with Ponyboy

Your Song: His Girl Friday - The Academy Is…


I’m trying to come up with some things on my own, however I just got a new laptop and imagines are going to have to have a new layout it looks like

send in some preference requests guys pretty please with cherries on top (ha ha ha unintentional pun)

grace-hopper said: ship me please? I'm grace :) (love ur blog btw!!)

Thanks love! I ship you with Johnny

Your song: Vegas - All Time Low

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