pit-breath asked: Can you ship me my name is Lauren :D

I ship you with Two-Bit!

Your Song: Without You - Lana Del Rey

dont-you-haichou-me asked: Ship me please? My names Kelsey.

I ship you with Ponyboy!

Your Song: Out on the Town - fun.

2fab-2give-adamn asked: Can you ship me my names cristina (: thanks (:

I ship you with Dally!

Your Song: Trade Mistakes - Panic! at the Disco

you-crucify-me asked: Ship me? My name is Destiny.

I ship you with Dally

Your Song: Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus 

do-notgogentle asked: Would you mind shipping me? My name is Kaitlyn.

I ship you with Darry!

Your Song: Dear You - Man Overboard

pornyboy asked: Can you ship me please, love? :D My name's Carmen.

oh most definetly!

I ship you with Ponyboy

Your Song: His Girl Friday - The Academy Is…


I’m trying to come up with some things on my own, however I just got a new laptop and imagines are going to have to have a new layout it looks like

send in some preference requests guys pretty please with cherries on top (ha ha ha unintentional pun)

rosyscars asked: ship me please? I'm grace :) (love ur blog btw!!)

Thanks love! I ship you with Johnny

Your song: Vegas - All Time Low

Preference #2: What kind of boyfriend they are
Pony:He's everything you could ever want in a boyfriend, as cheesy as it sounds. He tends to do little things for you like write you love letters and it's absolutely adorable.
Soda:He treats you like a princess to say the least! Whenever he is around the guys he refers to you as "his princess" and bows to you as you approach him. He is constantly holding your hand in public and reminds everyone how lucky he is to have you.
Dally:He is surprisingly sweet to you. He really does show you a side of him any people rarely see. He trusts you in a way he doesn't trust anybody else and you trust him too.
Johnny:In front of people he may be quiet, but when you two are alone he is the pinacle of affectionate. He likes to always hold you in his arms whatever chance he gets and plants kisses all over your face.
Steve:He really enjoys run around with you and the gang. You two seldom have time alone, but that doesn't stop you from smooching, no not at all. You two just don't care who watches that's all. The two of you are best friends and so much more.
Two-Bit:He always picks fun at you, jokingly of course. He only does it because he loves you though, he really likes making you blush. He things it's absolutely adorable.
Darry:He loves you madly. He is very mature about it, because that is his personalty, but he really knows how to treat a lady. He is all kinds of romantic and seems to always find ways to make you fall more and more in love with him. Even going as far as to set up a private candle lit dinner on any night the gang is all out

doctorsuperharrygreaserlock asked: Ship me pretty please? My name's Maria

I ship you with Darry!

Your Song: Never Let Me Go - Florence + The Machine

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